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Staff Profiles
Tim Timmermans is the Director of the Australian Institute. He has been a consultant in Neurological Rehabilitation for over 30 years, originally studying as a staff member of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, USA.

Tim has worked very closely over the years with his long time college friend Keith Pennock, who runs Brain-Net (England). Keith founded the British Institute for Brain Injured Children of which Tim was a long-running board member.

Chad Timmermans is a Consultant for the Australian Institute. He has spent many years assisting previous staff of the Institute with re-evaluations and spent 2003 studying and working with Brain-Net in England, America and also Malaysia.

In addition to his training in neurological rehabililtation Chad is currently studying for his masters in psychology and has a degree in Applied Science and a post-graduate degree in Psychology.

Chad himself is a graduate of this program. He was born 10 weeks premature and his parents were told that if he survived he would be brain injured. His parents, Tim and Claire, having finished their studies in Philadelphia, kindly thanked the doctors for their opinions, took Chad home and went to work.

The Timmermans family, along with their friends and neighbours, worked on Chad for four years. To their credit, Chad not only recovered, but also went on to be an international swimming and lifesaving champion, an international-level snowboarder and completed a post-graduate-level tertiary study.

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