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The Australian Institute was formed over 30 years ago by Tim and Claire Timmermans. Originally, the Australian Institute was structured so that brain-injured children were taken from Australia to America by Tim and Claire to be asessed and have programs prescribed. In 1975 the Australian Institute became a fully operating institute,and now offers treatment for brain-injured children within Australia and abroad.

Since then, the Institute has worked with hundreds of brain-injured children from Australia, New Zealand and other countries, with remarkable results. Children who could not see became able to see, read and write.

Children who could not crawl became able to walk and even run. Deaf children learned to hear and communicate verbally. Others learned to feed and dress themselves. There are some that made it to a mainstream school education, including secondary and even university.

The Australian Institute team has travelled all over the world 'rescuing' brain-injured children with remarkable results.

Rescuing brain injured children from around the world
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